Women's empowerment starts with how women treat other women.

Created by SheKnows Media and BlogHer, a new video features a few of the women from this year's BlogHer15 conference advisory board discussing the importance of women supporting one another in a collective effort to educate and empower female readers and content consumers.

BlogHer15 is an annual conference created in partnership with BlogHer and SheKnows Media that celebrates female content creators. This year's expert advisory board, which attends and speaks at the conference, is made up of 37 people who are making an impact in the media world.

Four of these 37 members are featured in the video, including the founder of Digital Undivided Kathryn Finney, the founder of Femsplain Amber Gordon, managing partner of Greenroom Communications Kim Holderness and the founder and CEO ofPipeline Fellowship Natalia Oberti Noguera.

“We are our own biggest advocate, and if we can break that stereotypical girl versus girl mentality there’s so much that we can do," Gordon says in the video.

Finney explains the impact that empowered women can have in media. "We have all of these platforms that are available to us, where there's no longer the gatekeepers that tell us what we can write, when we can write, how we can write — we can do it any way we want to," she says.

We couldn't agree more.

Read more and watch the full video here.