100 Champions of Change


Executive Director (Asset Management), Pan Pacific Hotels Group
Executive Director, Dou Hua Restaurants Pte Ltd
Founder & Chief Operating Officer, St Gregory Spa Pte Ltd
Success lies in teamwork, so both the roles of men and women in an organisation are complementary. In hospitality, even though there are roles that are traditionally male-dominated, I have often found women are equally up to
the task.
A woman’s perceptive nature enables her to feel the pulse of an organisation accurately. They are therefore able to assess issues meticulously and communicate their objectives effectively.
Hiring is however still based on meritocracy and the right fit. As an employer, I have learnt to tap on the different strengths of my staff to bring out the best in each of them. Regardless of gender, I believe if you sincerely care about the welfare of your staff, they will in turn care about your business and work well together as a team. This is the kind of working environment I strive to maintain.