100 Champions of Change


Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte Singapore
At Deloitte, we value our people as our most precious assets and we believe in investing and developing them to reach their highest potential …. regardless of gender. Promotions are based on merit and at Deloitte Singapore, we have many capable women who have risen to become partners and directors and are holding key leadership positions.
We do understand, though, that during certain phases of their lives, some women may feel the pressures of juggling their careers and their families especially when their children are young. Unfortunately, some have been forced to resign as a result of this.
To provide support and to help them cope during such challenging times, we have introduced work-life integration initiatives to help our people harmonise work and family commitments. Among other things, these allow our staff to work from home, have flexible working hours, opt for a reduced work portfolio, take sabbatical leave or transfer to a different role. This gives them the flexibility to move their career faster or slower according to their priorities at the time. Most importantly, such initiatives help in retaining our staff, especially ladies, who could then go on to develop professionally and assume bigger roles as they continue to be nurtured and developed in Deloitte.