100 Champions of Change

Olivia Lum

Group President & CEO
Hyflux Ltd

Hyflux employs close to 2,300 employees in seven countries around the world. Of this number, 28% are women – a reflection of the nature of business where our core capabilities are primarily engineering-based.

The Hyflux team is a global and diverse group. Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, our focus is on recruiting, engaging, motivating and retaining individuals whose skills, aspirations and values are aligned with the company’ strategic vision and core values. We believe in creating an inclusive workplace where our employees are given unparalleled opportunities to develop their careers and capabilities. We reward based on a clearly-defined, performance-oriented compensation system.

We believe that being a woman should not deter her progress in the company. Of our key management team of eight, two of us are women. We also have a number of women holding key positions and responsibilities in legal, finance, purchasing and procurement, business development, membrane production and energy and infrastructure development.

At Hyflux, we provide our women engineers the same opportunities in overseas work experience and have sent a number of them to Algeria for work at our two seawater desalination projects.

Every year, our Annual CEO Award rewards outstanding staff for their contributions to the company. Last year, two of the six recipients are women. We also provide equal opportunities to both men and women to further their studies and for training and development.