100 Champions of Change


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Stamford Law Corporation
We are in the midst of a sea change at work and in business. Organisations everywhere are recognising the value that women bring to leadership positions and in the boardroom. We need to make this happen more and more.

As a woman at Stamford Law, I am acutely conscious of the challenges working women lawyers face. We go out of our way to address this by providing family friendly initiatives (for both men and women!) for which Stamford Law has won many awards. Much of this involves flexibility, whether in terms of working hours, working from home, part time work, and sabbaticals.

For both men and women, we have focussed on work quality and output rather than hours spent physically behind their desks in the office.

Beyond this, we provide mentoring and networking opportunities so that our women lawyers can build their own networks and professional relationships. This is often a neglected area for women professionals.
We continue to look for ways to champion women at work. They bring so much talent, industry, dynamism and thoughtful leadership to our firm and elsewhere.