SG50 Champions of Change

Goh Swee Chen

Shell Companies, Singapore

Shell has an aspiration to achieve at least 20 per cent of senior positions filled by women globally. Overall, we have been steadily growing the number of women in leadership roles. Our female talent pipeline has also continued to strengthen.  But we still have much to do in this area to achieve the desired representation of females in the oil and gas sector, especially in the C-suite. 

In Shell, we believe that our workforce needs to reflect the diversity of our partners and customers and the countries we operate in. To be a leading global energy company, diversity and inclusion should not, and cannot, be viewed as a “nice to do”. It must be at the heart of our business plans and processes. Diversity gives us “access”.  Access to talent, ideas and opportunities!

We have a multi-faceted approach in improving gender balance in Shell. It includes gender-specific recruitment targets, talent management processes that ensure gender diversity, and women-focused networks and leadership programmes that groom our female employees for leadership succession. This ambition to increase female representation requires commitment from the top to work in tandem with leaders at all levels to achieve the right gender and diversity mix in support of business objectives.