Are women benefitting from global mobility?

Creating greater awareness in the workplace is leading to some progress in gender equality, as evidenced by number of studies, including PwC's ‘Women in Work Index’ that measures the pay gap and other important indicators throughout the OECD community. But despite progress, the business community still has much to do in creating workplace environments that support the development of women in leadership positions.

International Women's Day was celebrated earlier this month with a call to action for more investment in the promotion of women in the workplace. Many organizations hosted important recognition events to foster awareness and action around this important issue. For example, at PwC we hosted our second global webcast in the Aspire to Lead series, an event designed to foster discussion and awareness around the topic of women in leadership, especially supporting women in transition from campus to career.

Unfortunately, talent mobility is an area where gender bias still seems to be hampering women in accessing the career-enhancing experiences that result from international assignments and global mobility.


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