• Voice of Experience: Eu-Lin Fang, Partner, PwC Singapore

    The Glass Hammer
    Michelle Hendelman
    5 May 2014
    According to Eu-Lin Fang, a Partner at PwC Singapore, the professional world can be demanding, and in order to persevere, you cannot lose sight of you who are at the core. “It is important to continue to ask yourself, ‘Who am I, how do I live my life purposefully?’” Fang said.
  • BoardAgender in Business Times: Boards must address gender diversity

    The Business Times
    30 April 2014
    IN a recent article in BT, "Not the business of boards to focus on gender diversity" (BT, April 11), the president of the Securities Investors Association of Singapore David Gerald was quoted as saying that we needed "to understand the situation before we start crying foul".
  • Sweden May Establish Quotas If Companies Don’t Hire More Female Board Members

    13 February 2014
    Bryce Covert
    Voluntary efforts from Swedish companies to boost gender diversity on their boards are moving too slowly, so the country may impose a quota requirement if numbers don’t improve this year, a government official said Wednesday.
  • Women under-represented on boards of SGX-listed firms

    Channel NewsAsia
    27 March 2014
    Kevin Lim
    More than half of Singapore-listed firms do not have a single female board member and little is being done to improve gender diversity at senior levels, a government-appointed task force said on Thursday.
  • New Sauder research: Women directors get better deals in mergers and acquisitions

    Sauder School of Business
    25 November 2013
    The more women on a corporate board the less a company pays for its acquisitions, according to a new study by researchers at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

The BoardAgender SG50 Champions of Change call on every corporate leader
to make the change for gender-balanced business in Singapore.