• Sweden May Establish Quotas If Companies Don’t Hire More Female Board Members

    13 February 2014
    Bryce Covert
    Voluntary efforts from Swedish companies to boost gender diversity on their boards are moving too slowly, so the country may impose a quota requirement if numbers don’t improve this year, a government official said Wednesday.
  • New Sauder research: Women directors get better deals in mergers and acquisitions

    Sauder School of Business
    25 November 2013
    The more women on a corporate board the less a company pays for its acquisitions, according to a new study by researchers at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.
  • CNN Money - Missing from Asia’s boardrooms? Women

    CNN Money
    29 September 2013
    Charles Riley
    Companies in Asia have a major diversity problem. Compared to their western counterparts, shockingly few women hold leadership positions in these organizations. The problem is most acute at the very top of the corporate ladder, where in many cases, women are nowhere to be found.
  • The Australian Financial Review: 10 Ways to Woo Women into Leadership Roles

    2 October 2013
    Gayle Peterson
    10 Ways to Woo Women into Leadership Roles
    Women have the power to transform organisations and create a new leadership model to tackle the world’s most pressing problems – yet they are persistently under-represented in senior positions. Here are 10 things companies can do to encourage women into leadership roles. These are being discussed at Women Transforming Leadership, an executive education programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford this week.
  • The Australian: Boardroom Progress with a Quarter of New Directors Female

    26 September 2013
    Sarah-Jane Tasker
    MANDATORY targets for women on boards are having an effect, with research showing one in four new directors appointed last year were female.

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