• More women on Singapore boards but diversity still lacking

    06 December 2019 |  by NIKKEI MARKETS 

    SINGAPORE (Nikkei Markets) -- The effort to boost diversity in Singapore boardrooms has improved the gender balance, but the culture of relying on personal networks to find potential directors remains a hurdle for women as well as those who lack the right connections.

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  • Including Women On Your Board Of Directors Creates A Mix Of Thinkers For The Digital Age

    28 October 2019 |  by FORBES 

    Boards of directors — for corporate enterprises, charitable organizations, professional societies — play extremely important and responsible oversight roles. The way I see it, they are positions women should aspire to as they provide the opportunity to analyze and validate the strategy of an organization, broaden their business perspective and make them better professionals and leaders within their own organization.

    Female board members are far from the only beneficiaries of this leadership opportunity, however.

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  • Let shareholders decide on diversity in boardrooms

    26 September 2019 |  by The Straits Times

    If greater female participation in corporate boards indeed enhances shareholder value, why not let the intended beneficiaries - the shareholders - decide (Gender quotas needed to get more women into boardrooms: Forum, Sept 20)?

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  • Singapore ties with Italy in having most women as CEOs: Global study

    24 October 2019 |  by TODAY Singapore 

    SINGAPORE — In a new global study, Singapore has tied with Italy for top spot in having the highest proportion of companies with women as chief executive officers (CEOs).

    In both countries, 15 per cent of firms are headed by female CEOs — but some Singapore women’s groups said that the country should be doing far better given the number of well-educated, highly competent women here.

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  • More women directors being added to boards: Report

    23 September 2019 |  by The Straits Times

    CBD Co-Chair Mildred Tan discussed the challenges of effective board renewal as well as how diversity and performance are synonymous with Channel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight on 23 September.

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The BoardAgender SG50 Champions of Change call on every corporate leader
to make the change for gender-balanced business in Singapore.