• After years of ‘glacial’ change, women now hold more than 1 in 4 corporate board seats

    17 July 2019 |  by The Washington Post

    When Kathy Higgins Victor first joined the board of directors at Best Buy in 1999, she was the only woman in the room. The former Northwest Airlines human resources chief and now president of a leadership coaching firm remembers how she “would say something, and then there’d be silence” followed by approval of a male colleague’s comments. She recalls thinking “Excuse me, was my mic off?”

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  • UK companies accused of box ticking over female appointments

    11 July 2019 |  by The Financial Times Ltd

    Women being promoted to senior executive positions for symbolic purposes, says report

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  • With more women as board chairs, business can better serve society

    11 June 2019 |  by INSEAD Business School

    “Companies should benefit all their stakeholders. This is increasingly on the minds of regulators, activists, politicians, pension investors and individuals of this world.

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  • Asian firms with women leaders deliver better financial results

    28 June 2019 |  by TODAY online

    Firms whose boards were at least 30 per cent female generated more income from their assets than those with all-male boards.

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  • Business case for diversity on boards is irrefutable

    07 June 2019 |  by The Business Times

    A diverse board means diverse perspective and increased social acceptability, ensuring that the board conducts itself appropriately.

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