• SC: Higher women participation at the top in line with gender diversity goals

    7 May 2019 |  by The Malaysian Reserve

    Participation of women on the boards of the top 100 listed companies increased to 23.7% in 2018

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  • Malaysia to name firms lacking board diversity

    6 September 2017 |  by BBC Business

    Malaysia plans to publish the names of companies with no women on their boards next year, and those firms risk losing government contracts.
  • Gender Diversity: Supply or Demand by Junie Foo

    7 Apr 2017 |  by Junie Foo, BTInvest

    In Singapore, the issue of board diversity, in particular, gender diversity has moved up the national and corporate agendas over the last two years.
    Since 2015, there have been various initiatives to raise awareness on diversity and encourage action amongst publicly listed companies. These include:
    1. The formation and initiatives of the Diversity Action Committee (DAC)
    2. BoardAgender’s SG50 Champions of Change, calling on corporate leaders to make the change for gender-balanced business.
    3. SID’s launch of the Nominating Committee Guide in August 2015, which saw 220 companies signing up to the Board Diversity Pledge, and  
    4. Numerous forums discussing the subject.
    Despite these efforts, the proportion of board seats occupied by women directors has only inched up from 8.8 per cent in 2014 to 9.6 per cent in 2016. This ratio is a far cry from the women labour force participation rate (60.4 per cent versus 76.2 per cent for the men), and also puts Singapore behind most countries, including neighbours Malaysia and India in board diversity.
  • Women's share of board seats hits double digits

    14 July 2017 |  by Kenneth Lim, The Business Times

    WOMEN'S share of board seats in Singapore-listed companies has breached the 10 per cent mark for the first time since data collection began, the Diversity Action Committee (DAC) has reported.
  • Diversity committee targets 30% of board seats for women by 2030

    4 Apr 2017 |  by Kenneth Lim, The Business Times
    THE Diversity Action Committee (DAC) has adopted an escalating set of targets to raise women's share of board seats over the next 13 years, which if met could lead to women filling 459 more board seats by 2020 than they currently occupy.
    The DAC, which was formed in 2014 to address the under-representation of women on boards of Singapore-listed companies, called its plan a "hop, skip and jump" approach: a 20 per cent share of board seats for women by 2020, then 25 per cent by 2025, and finally 30 per cent by 2030.
    See DAC's Press Release for more details.

The BoardAgender SG50 Champions of Change call on every corporate leader
to make the change for gender-balanced business in Singapore.