• An Exclusive Up Close and Personal Session with Apurvi Sheth (Diageo)

    11 May 2015, Monday

    We are delighted to have the inspirational Apurvi Sheth join us for BoardAgender’s Up Close and Personal Session. Participants will have an opportunity to get up close and personal with Apurvi as she shares her learnings, insights and story of her path to becoming a Managing Director at Diageo, the leading global alcoholic beverage company.

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Program for Aspiring Directors in Singapore

    22-24 April 2015

    The “International Foundations of Directorship” has been developed for directors and executives who are new in their roles with international responsibilities or who are in global or multi-national companies. It is a good introduction to Directorship and has been successfully delivered twice now in Singapore.  It focuses on the duties and responsibilities of directors, strategy, risk and finance.

  • International Women’s Day 2015 Celebration

    13 March 2015, Friday

    BoardAgender & Citi Singapore
    International Women’s Day 2015 Celebration
    Make It Happen: Diversity on Boards

    Diversity on Boards goes beyond just a woman or man’s issue; it is an issue deserving attention and participation from everyone who can benefit from better organisational performance across industries and greater productivity, economic growth and competitiveness of Singapore as a nation.

  • Women in Corporate Treasury (with FWA partnership)

    17 March 2015, Tuesday

    We would like you to join us in a celebration of the role of women in treasury and the importance of gender diversity in the workplace, and to celebrate The Corporate Treasurer's 25 Most Influential Women in Treasury Awards.

  • FWA SCB IWD 2015 Celebration - Make it Happen: The Role of Male Champions

    6 March 2015, Friday

    FWA celebrates our 15th anniversary by celebrating women – and the men who help us in our journey. The FWA is a champion of gender diversity & inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. We engage individuals and organisations to recognize the contribution women have been making to the economy, the multiple hats women wear as care-givers and workers, and the importance of unbiased, fair and flexible work practices that support the advancement of women in their careers.

The BoardAgender SG50 Champions of Change call on every corporate leader
to make the change for gender-balanced business in Singapore.