100 BoardAgender Champions


Senior Counsel & Managing Partner, Rodyk & Davidson LLP At Rodyk, we have long had significant representation of women in the leadership of the firm. My mentor, Helen Yeo, preceded me as Managing Partner of the Firm, and led the Firm with great distinction for more than 8 years.

Our present EXCO, which like the Managing Partner, is elected by all our Equity Partners, has two women among its five members (leaving aside myself as Managing Partner).

I am not sure that there is either a ‘male’ or a ‘female’ leadership type, as it always depends on the individual, but nonetheless I have no doubt that having gender diversity in leadership positions in any organisation is not just good but essential in today’s world.

The BoardAgender SG50 Champions of Change call on every corporate leader
to make the change for gender-balanced business in Singapore.